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In 1992, Hurricane Andrew struck south Florida and the Bahamas as a category 5 storm that caused catastrophic damage to life and property.

As a result, the insurance industry, in partnership with various building agencies, began examining construction methods that would make buildings better able to withstand hurricane force winds which would better protect life & property.

In 1994, new building codes were established and implemented in Miami-Dade, Broward, & Palm Beach coastal areas.

In 2002, new codes were established for the rest of Florida. Additional building code changes have been made in subsequent years.

A wind mitigation inspection is designed to help you – the homeowner – save money on your insurance premium based upon the construction techniques used during your home’s construction or later remodeling.

Significant items inspected include:

  •                             Age of roof covering
  •                             Material used for roof covering
  •                             Type of underlayment used
  •                             Method of attachment of roof deck to roof trusses or rafters.
  •                             Method of attachment of roof trusses or rafters to the exterior walls.
  •                             Strength of garage door
  •                             Protective shutters available for ALL windows & doors
  •                             Strength of protective shutters.

By providing your insurance provider with the correct information and photographs to support this information you may be entitled to significant savings on your homeowner insurance premiums.

The typical inspection takes less than 30 minutes and requires access to the home’s exterior as well as attic access.

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