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Professional Four Point Insurance Inspections
Insurance underwriters have become increasingly reluctant to provide coverage on older homes. As a result, many insurance companies now request a Four Point Inspection, which includes, but is not limited to:

Roof Condition

Age, type, condition and construction of your roof. The inspector is looking for leaks, roof covering damage, missing sheathing, and the overall condition of your roof decking and trusses.

Electrical Systems

Age, type and condition of your electrical system. We are looking for aluminum branch circuits, GFCI’s, AFCI’s, loose/frayed wiring, active knob and tube wiring, and any recent upgrades.

Heating / AC Ventilation

Age, type and condition of your heating and A/C units. We are looking at the overall condition of these systems and reporting on any system upgrades.


Overall condition of your plumbing system, plumbing fixtures and supply pipe material, in addition to the type and age of your water heater. We are looking for evidence of leaks, polybutylene or galvanized piping, shut off values, evidence of pressure relief valve on water heater and any recent upgrades.

What Information are Insurance Companies after in a 4 point inspection?

It has been our experience that insurance companies are generally looking for the systems inspected to be in good working condition and updated when necessary. These systems should not pose any additional risk due to safety hazards, unsafe conditions or deferred maintenance. Examples of such hazards such as unsafe conditions and deferred maintenance would include leaks, exposed electrical wiring, or outdated or overloaded electrical panels.

 Who Can perform a 4 Point Inspection? 

Most insurance companies require a licensed electrician, a general building or residential contractor, a roofing contractor, or a certified home inspector to conduct the Four Point Inspection and certify the report. We guarantee that the inspection conducted and report prepared by our experts will be accepted by your insurance carrier.

 Is it possible to avoid a 4 Point Inspection?

It is often difficult to maintain coverage or acquire new insurance when a request for a Four Point Inspection is ignored.

Note: this type of insurance inspection should not be confused with a “standard home inspection” which is broader in scope in regards to detail and the areas of the home which are covered. Your Four Point Inspection is not valid after 1 year, and it is not a full home inspection. The scope of the report is limited and based on physical and visual proof of your homes various operating systems. System ages are approximate as the life expectancy may vary. This report offers no warranty or guarantee.

Florida Certified Home Inspections are fast and affordable!

In many cases, we can inspect your home within 48 hours. We accept cash or check at the time of inspection. 

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